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Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
election headquarters. great to have you with us. all day long we've been watching grandmothers, first-time voters, rich people, poor people, blue collar workers, all the people who believe in america going to the polls, every state of our union today joining together at the ballot boxes, and we will be bringing you the results. we are here to tell you who won, why throughout this evening and what's next. it's your voice as we've been saying and your vote tonight. >> diane, it has been a long, bitter and expensive race. deadlocked most of the way and revealed an america divided in so many ways. tonight, all of you are going to tip the balance. >> and now we are ready to begin because we have three projections to make because the polls have closed in six states and we are ready to go. here it is. indiana, this state has switched, president obama won it four years ago, governor romney has won it this time. it is not a surprise, though. we were expecting governor romney to take indiana. kentucky, this is a very red state and governor romney has taken kentucky, as well, tonight. and vermon
Nov 1, 2012 2:00pm EDT
and the taser. investigators found he lied, he swore, and he brandished this shotgun and taser and used the taser when it wasn't warranted. >> i'd be asking this too. i'd say, what did i do? >> the men were stopped because they said they were not wearing seat belts. but the sheriffs office investigation found that both former deputies made an accurate statement as to what really occurred. the charges were eventually dropped against the two men in the car. the deputies can appeal the findings. >>> i have two different surveillance videos to show you. the suspects in these videos are still on the loose. this first video is from inside a salon and spa in edmonton in alberta, canada. you have a guy in there dousing the entire salon with gasoline. >> is he just mad he got a bad haircut or something? what would he be burning down the salon for? >> when that first flame went up, i'm surprised he didn't blow himself up. >> they think the suspect suffered some burns because of the video. they're using that to try to track this guy down. they're hoping he shows up at a hospital for treatment. >>>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2